5 Best Dog Bed For Rhodesian Ridgeback

Best Dog Bed For Rhodesian Ridgeback
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If you are looking at finding some of the best bedding for your Rhodesian Ridgeback, there are a few things you should consider. For one, shopping for dog beds takes research to find the best available beds.

These quiet, even-tempered dogs are a great addition to any family. When properly trained, these dogs exemplify class and are also very protective of their family.

Short History

These dogs were found by Europeans during their travels to the Khoikhoi tribes in Africa. Known for the strip of hair running down their back, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is a very distinct breed.

Very capable, these dogs are smart and perform nearly any task asked of it by its owner.

Breed Size

This dog is classified in the breed group Hound, and they are roughly 75 to 80 lbs in weight. While the males are typically larger than the females, there are variations in height.

The female is usually around 24 inches at the shoulder with the male being 27 inches tall.

Breed Weight

Not the heaviest of the large breed dogs, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is a lean 75-80 pounds on average. This dog is lean and strong, with the intelligence to use its size to its advantage.

A dog that is full-grown at this size usually weighs more as they get older. Shopping for a bed is a lot easier because many can handle dogs weighing up to 200lbs!


The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dog that will shed its fur year-round. While this may strike you by surprise, there is nothing really to worry about.

These dogs have a very short coat and it is easy to care for. With regular grooming, there are generally no issues with this dog and bedding.

Better World Pets Super Comfort Bolster Dog Bed


The design of this bed is in a half-moon shape, with even cushioning all way around. The memory foam makes for a soft bed that is also supportive.

Having a tough canvas is a plus, and this protects the bedding with a thick fleece pad. The idea behind the fleece pad is to help ensure the longevity of the product.

The 100% waterproof design is used to save time on cleaning and also to protect the inner mattress. No one wants a urine-soaked dog bed in their living room, so this is actually a plus.

Weight Limit

In terms of floor level dog bedding, the weight limit is dependent upon a few items.

For one, if the dog suffers from any ailments that require a certain position, there can be issues with a pillow on the floor.

Heavier dogs benefit from the support that is floor level, taller dogs need higher platforms to limit leg strain.

This bed will sustain a dog that weighs between 60-100 lbs which is perfect for the Rhodesian Ridgeback.


This is an ultra-durable item and it means that it comes double tough. The extra layer is a tough canvas with a fleece pad on top of it. This dog bed is definitely built for the long term.

This particular bed includes a 1-year warranty, that includes a refund if you are unsatisfied for any reason. There are times when your dog just simply doesn’t like the bed, and this is a way that you can protect your pockets.


These newer dog beds all come with ease of use in mind. No one wants to end a long hard day of work with more work with a dog bed. The cleaning of some beds can be hard work, especially if they are not waterproof.

An active dog like the Rhodesian Ridgeback will benefit from a bed that stays dry 24/7. This bed is easy to clean too. Just unzip, and throw it in the wash.


The composition of the fibers creates a tough, yet comfortable bed that is great for dogs of all ages. If your dog needs more support, then this bed works for that too.

Aging dogs tend to have joint issues, and this bed cares for them by giving the support that they need.

Better World Pets Super Comfort Bolster Dog Bed


  • Able to expand for larger dogs
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to clean
  • Good for older dogs


  • Certain dogs won’t sleep on it
  • Tall dogs don’t apply

Bedsure Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed for Large Dogs up to 75/100lbs


This orthopedic dog bed is a flat memory foam mattress that is suitable for large dogs up to 100lbs. It comes with 2 layers of memory foam that gives much-needed support, especially for older pets.

A big issue for pet owners is sliding dog beds. This issue was resolved by adding a non-slip bottom that prevents slips and slides from happening.

The top of the bed is covered in a velour top and gives your Rhodesian Ridgeback plenty of space for sleeping. Upon examining the inner layer of the mattress, it is completely waterproof.

Weight Limit

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dog that weighs around 80 lbs as an adult. These beds by Bedsure can handle a full-sized canine weighing in at 100lbs.


These dog beds are very durable. The design allows for any dog to sleep in comfort, while the waterproof barrier protects from accidents.


When it comes time to clean your dog’s bed, the memory foam mattress is easy to remove and clean. You just unzip it and throw it in the wash. The double-pull zipper makes maintenance simple and easy.


There aren’t many mattresses that can follow the standards of such a simple design and execute them as well as this one. From the waterproof memory foam to the double zipper, this mattress has a timesaver written all over it.

If your dog is very active and enjoys the outdoors, this dog bed is ready and waiting.

Bedsure Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed


  • Simple design
  • Easy to clean
  • Maintenance isn’t time-consuming
  • Waterproof memory foam
  • Good for older dogs


  • Double zipper
  • Large tall dogs

PLS Birdsong Rüya – Large Dog Bed with Triple-Layer Orthopedic Foam


This rectangular dog bed by PLS Birdsong Ruya is an example of superior orthopedic support. This comes with full-foam support that is tailored for even the heaviest of dogs.

Studies have shown that this particular brand of mattress has a good effect on dogs’ joints. The level of comfort achieved correlates to the simplicity of the design.

Durability is of utmost importance and you can tell when looking at the outer layer. The design is made to withstand daily use.

Weight Limit

While the Rhodesian Ridgeback maxes out at around 85lbs, this bed is perfect as it can hold an 85lb dog with ease.

While this bed can fit all size dogs, it is specifically tailored for large and older dogs. The PLS Birdsong Ruya dog bed supports dogs up to 100lbs.


The daily activities that a dog may have definitely depend on the respective breed. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dog that is known for its abilities in the open country.

Well trained dogs of any breed should not have an issue with this bed. The removable cover makes upkeep very quick and easy.


The way that you clean this bed is by removing the cover and washing it. They are machine safe, and the liner is as well.

A weekly cleaning schedule is safe for most dogs. Washing this weekly will help keep down germs and other issues.


A bed that is made in one of the more popular shapes, this dog bed provides superior support. This helps aging dogs, and it also gives their joints the comfort needed to go day to day.

This bed is custom built with a non-slip pad on the base. This allows the bed to stay put, and it is often good from a safety standpoint. How many times have you accidentally slipped over a dog bed?

PLS Birdsong Rüya - Large Dog Bed with Triple


  • Common design
  • Great for large dogs
  • Good for older dogs
  • Easy to clean design
  • Memory foam for comfort


  • Not good for tall dogs
  • Doesn’t allow the dog to stretch out

Enchanted Home Pet Caramel Ultra Plush Library Pet Sofa


This is one dog bed that is actually a bit more than that. The Enchanted Home Pet Caramel Ultra Plush Library Pet Sofa is one of a kind design that will create a new vibe for your home.

The sofa is 2 inches off the floor and the help to keep your pet from feeling that cool late-night draft. The is definitely designed with dogs in mind that like to lean and curl when they are asleep.

Although it may not suit dogs with longer leg or that need a ton of sleeping space, it is still perfect for many breeds.

A well trained Rhodesian Ridgeback will enjoy this seat as if they were sitting on a throne. It is a perfect bed for dogs that enjoy laying on their side.

Weight Limit

These beds are great for most sizes of large dogs. The Rhodesian Ridgeback will enjoy this as a bed. A dog that has its size and weight can find many comfortable positions.

Although a Rhodesian Ridgeback can weigh as much as 85lbs, this bed has no issue holding that much weight. This bed is rated for over 90lbs.


Like most beds, this one is made with high-quality products. The fact that it is elevated off the ground doesn’t affect the ease of use.

This bed features a removable cushion cover that is washable, and also easy to remove.


After removing the cover, proceed to wash it like any other material. This is a blend, so it is safe to wash with other loads.

Although it is not rated as waterproof, this bed is still a good standard. Your dog will love their own couch.

Cleaning should be done regularly and don’t forget to disinfect.


The quality of these materials is very high. Most blends don’t last very long, but with the professional stitching, things seem to hold together quite well.

While your dog may not be the type of sleeper that this bed is suited for, don’t worry. Many dogs find that the comfort in the design is all they need for a good night’s rest.

The raised sofa design is suitable for homes, apartments, and offices as well. Most pets won’t bother to damage this bed since it resembles the owners’ own furniture.

Enchanted Home Pet Caramel Ultra Plush Library Pet Sofa


  • Very cool design
  • Keeps dog safe from drafts
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Tall back
  • Long sleeper


  • Not Waterproof
  • Hard to clean fabric

Orthopedic Dog Bed | Pure Premium Shredded Memory Foam Ideal for Aging Dogs


This is called a very modern design by many. The flat mattress shape is great for many homes and decor.

For one the ease of use is apparent as the mattress can fold and be put in nearly any place. This space-saving is one way that helps pet owners keep things in order.

Memory foam is added as a way to give firmness and support to the dog.

Weight Limit

This bed is rated for dogs around 75lbs. This would be perfect for a smaller Rhodesian Ridgeback.


Made of some of the toughest fabrics, these materials stand up to any circumstances. While this is waterproof, that barrier also protects from dirt and grime as well.


Cleaning is easy as the bed comes apart with ease.


The quality of this design is top-notch. A big effort was put into the material and the composition of each area of this dog bed. Not only does this bed provide major support to the dog, but it is also a welcome addition to the home.

The colors and design make this bed pleasing to the eye.

Orthopedic Dog Bed


  • Simple Design
  • Waterproof
  • Easy To Clean
  • Foldable


  • Too low
  • Not for heavy dogs

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